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Take Part in Our Newcomer

Greeting Special!

Our Essential Care Package For
$80 (1-3 bedroom condo/apartment)
$120 (1-4 bedroom house/townhouse)
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Let us Discuss Your
Home Care Needs With a


This allows us to understand your specific needs, learn about
any product preferences and other matters of interest.

We are a Toronto-based cleaning service company that prides itself on tailored cleaning services at fair prices. With our exceptional service, and specialized care of your home, we will ensure that your home stays fresh and well… bright!

A Little About us.

What Makes us Different? Our Consultation.

A brief in-person consultation is a great opportunity for us to meet in person, visit your home, and discuss the matters of interest you have for your home.The outcome of the discussion will be a tailored checklist for your home. This checklist will be populated during each visit to your property. Some topics to discuss are:

What are the initial needs for your home?

Going forward, what will your needs be to maintain the cleanliness of your home?

Are there any areas that need more frequent cleaning attention?

Are there any allergies of people in the home that we should be made aware of? Products not to use?

Can you provide cleaning supplies, or would you need us to provide them?

Why Choose us?

Fresh Quality We maintain exceptional quality in fulfilling the needs of your home. With all of our packages, we deliver the utmost care and attention to our tasks.

Great Prices — Our prices strive to reflect fairness and quality of work we guarantee.

Tailored Service  No two homes are alike. Our checklist which is tailored for your home ensures no detail is overlooked.

Bright Staff! — Our staff are friendly, maintain integrity in their line of work, respect the home, and keep an open line of communication with you our clients to better serve.

We are Insured

We are insured and have janitorial bond.

Founded by Andrew Zakharia

Fresh and Bright Cleaning was founded by Andrew Zakharia, a Toronto entrepreneur who wanted to provide an exceptional cleaning service that would cater to the needs of his fellow Torontonians; giving a fair price for stellar service that clients will be more than happy with. His vision is to bring personalized service to the job of cleaning with a team of qualified and personable associates who maintain integrity and excellence in all they do.

Our Services.

We are proud to offer you three service packages that will meet your lifestyle needs, be it daily, weekly, or monthly.
All services start out with a free consultation

Re-set Care

This package is a great service option for those who need daily care. Do you live a busy lifestyle but would still value a tidy place when you come home at night? Would you love to prepare dinner, and never have to spend time cleaning up before going to bed, or before heading to work the next morning? If this describes you, then you will love this package. A Re-set Care package is a 1-hour care appointment. It consists of:

  • Clearing common areas of visible messes/debris, and placing items back in an orderly fashion
  • Loading the dishwasher/handwashing dishes; cleaning/re-setting coffee maker and other daily-used appliances
  • Disinfecting and tidying restrooms after your morning rush
  • Making beds

Essential Care

This is a great common package for weekly or bi-weekly care of your home. Not only keeping your place tidy, but cleaning and disinfecting all of the areas of the home that you use most will keep your home fresh and bright, and maintain its good quality long-term. The Essential Care Package is a 3-4 hour care appointment. This package includes:

  • Laundry (washing and drying sheets, covers, towels, clothing)
  • Washing bath mats, and other household rugs
  • Making beds with clean sheets
  • Cleaning windows and wiping down curtains/blinds
  • Washing bathtub, toilets, sinks and cabinets
  • Disinfecting electronic household items
  • Clearing fridge of expired contents
  • Disinfecting kitchen (counters/appliances)
  • Sweeping/Mopping floors
  • Dusting/Cleaning/Disinfecting commonly-used household furniture

Premium Care

This package is very much valued for the monthly and longer-term needs of your home. Good for those who have not been able to clean their home on a more regular basis, this deep-clean package attends to every inch of your home; every corner, and piece of furniture from top to bottom. It’s great for an initial appointment, of which thereafter, a weekly essential package will help maintain the cleanliness of your home. Premium care appointments are 6-8 hours, taking place between 9am and 6pm and consist of:

  • Cleaning ceilings, light fixtures/fans and walls (removing tough stains)
  • Washing curtains (by machine or hand)
  • Washing upholstery furniture (with cleaning vacuum machine)
  • Cleaning oven
  • Cleaning fridge/freezer interiors (shelves/drawers)
  • Cleaning cupboards, and contents if necessary; disposing of expired items if requested
  • Removing tough stains, clean and polish all furniture
  • Removing grout stains
  • Decluttering and cleaning closets and other rooms, if requested


We are happy to bring over our Fresh and Bright cleaning services to your commercial properties! From your daily to monthly needs, we’ll help keep your facilities to your cleaning standards.

  • Office Spaces
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurant/Dining Facilities
  • Condo Facilities
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Religious Centres
  • And other special-purpose commercial properties

Please contact us to arrange a visit to your site and a complementary quote.

Our Pricing.

We invite you to take part in our Newcomer’s Greeting Special;
a one-time appointment for our ESSENTIAL-CARE package:

$80 for 1-3 bedroom condo or apartment
$120 for a 1-4 bedroom house or townhouse

RE-SET condo

50 / 1hour

Sign up 1 to 3 bedroom condo or apartment


120 / 3hours

Sign up 1 to 3 bedroom condo or apartment


200 / 6hours*

Sign up 1 to 3 bedroom condo or apartment

RE-SET house

50 / 1hour

Sign up 1 to 4 bedroom house or townhouse


180 / 4hours

Sign up 1 to 4 bedroom house or townhouse


300 / 8hours

Sign up 1 to 4 bedroom house or townhouse



We accept cash, cheque, debit or credit card payments.
Detailed payment procedures will be sent to you in an email upon receiving your service request.

Large Homes

If your home is larger than what is described in our service packages, please call for specific rates.

Scheduling Availabilities

RE-SET and ESSENTIAL care appointments can be serviced between 9am and 9pm.
PREMIUM care appointments can only be serviced between 9am and 6pm.

Need Cleaning Supplies

Need supplies or don't have time to buy them? We will arrive at your cleaning appointment with your selected supplies for an additional charge of $10.

Contact us.

We would love to hear from you, and set up a consultation!
Please contact us with any of your questions, comments, and we hope to join your home care team soon.

If you have any questions call us at +1 (647) 714-8146

9am-9pm, 7 days a week